by Αεροπορικα Εισητηρια

Welcome to Our School

We are a group of Muslim parents and community leaders who are eager to provide the highest quality Arabic/Islamic education for the children of the community in a safe, healthy and ethnically diverse learning environment. The main focus of this phase of the project is to teach the Arabic Language and Islamic Studies to children attending public schools.


Acquiring Arabic language skills and basic principle of Islamic history will enable our students to:
- Enhance their intellectual, personal and professional abilities.
- Develop self esteem and confidence to understand Islamic culture & promote the correct image of this culture in North America.
- Help our children participate positively in the mainstream community in North America taking into consideration the unique social & cultural dynamics of their heritage.
- Help the children take pride in the fact that they are Muslims to be better equipped to address the challenges they will face confidently.

We hope that an open communication will help us develop your children positive characters and attitudes toward life.